” Your touch is phenomenal!” – Maise 2016


“Your massages have helped me so much! It’s easier for my physical therapist to work on me! Thank you so much! – Amy 2016


“That was undoubtedly the best massage I’ve ever had!” – Raychel 2016


“My massage is the highlight of my week!” – Stephen 2015


“I don’t know what I would have done without you keeping me mobile!” – Marlene 2012


“Your massage  compared to others is like comparing a Cadillac to a Volkswagon!” – Darlene 2000


In every branch of the practice of medicine, touching should be considered an indispensable part of the doctor’s art…the doctor should know what the human touch is capable of achieving in soothing ruffled feelings, in assuaging pain, in relieving distress, in giving reassurance, in making, in short, all the difference in the world…Touch always enhances the doctor’s therapeutic abilities and the patient’s recuperative capabilities.  The laying on of hands has for centuries been well understood in religious communion. It would be well if it were similarly understood within the healing community.

Ashley Montagu, Author                                         Touch: The Human Significance of Skin