Hot stone massage is a very popular technique using heated stones to massage muscles, increasing circulation and tissue flexibility. It is thoroughly relaxing, bringing about a blissful state of mind, and may be included with relaxation massage. It is also very effective when working with deep tissue massage and other modalities such as myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy. A total session exclusively of hot stone massage is available, but less inclusive “basic” hot stones can be incorporated into other techniques to assist in maximum treatment results.

Thousands of years ago, native tribes used stones they heated in fires to address muscular tension and pain as well as reducing stress-induced conditions of the body.

At Health Touch, hot stone massage sampling is included in our “Ultimate” advanced therapies at no extra cost. Stones used in your session are sanitized after every use to maintain cleanliness. Your help in advising your therapist of any concerns with temperature is very important.