After scheduling your appointment by phone, arrive at the scheduled appointment time, no earlier. When you arrive, you will be met by the therapist who will ask that you answer some medical questions on a confidential questionnaire (sample below) about your history, physical conditions, or injuries. You will be led to the therapy room, where you can undress in private to your level of comfort. The therapist is sensitive to your need for privacy, and will keep your body covered with a sheet during your session except for the area being treated. All sessions require sheet covering (draping) without exception. If you prefer, you may wear underwear or a swimsuit; however, the best way to receive a massage is with the body completely unclothed.

The difference in a salon, spa or relaxation massage and therapeutic massage, is the advanced knowledge and training for your specific needs. Your professional therapist will have the skills and knowledge to customize the ultimate massage experience.

Tell the therapist about areas of your body which are injured, tense or sore. Mention any medical condition, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, allergies, or recent surgery. A massage is not advisable if you have a fever, severe sunburn, severe poison ivy, surgery in the last 30 days, infection, or injury within the last 2 days. A doctor’s permission in writing is required for some problems, such as cancer, broken bones, recent pain injections, vertebral or disc abnormalities, serious heart or clotting issues, etc.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as completely as possible. Focus your mind on slow rhythmic breathing and visualize tension leaving your body as you exhale. You may wish to talk or not, giving your brain a mini-vacation from conversation and thought.

Give your therapist feedback about the massage. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lighter pressure. Let the therapist know of any preferences or dislikes in temperature, lighting, or music and areas to avoid. Fragrances, or essential oils, if requested, may enhance your session. Allow movement of your limbs being limp like a rag doll, and do not try to help the therapist move arms, legs, or head. Be sure to let the therapist know if anything is uncomfortable in any way.

At Health Touch, our “Ultimate” massages exclusively include warm steam towels to aide in relaxation of tense areas and hot stones for deeper muscle relief at no extra cost. (“Basic relaxation” or “30 minute, specific area treatment” massages may not include warm steam towels and hot stones.) If you like, your table can be heated.

The pleasure of total relaxation may be naturally stimulating, but sexual behavior during a massage is inappropriate and will result in termination of the session.

Afterward, you may relax, redress, and return to the reception area. Drinking water is very important after your massage and it will be available to replenish lost body fluids. Tipping is accepted, but not expected.

Frequent massages are an investment in good health! Include regular massage therapy as a health maintenance tool!

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Man in his 50's on a massage table receiving facial massage.
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